Daily slide review conference. The six pathologists
examine the same slide through the multi-head scope.

Pacific Pathology Associates, Inc. is a private practice group of 8 Pathologists and 2 Pathologists' Assistants.

We interpret biopsies, Pap tests, and other specimens that come from 5 hospitals and over 225 private physicians' offices in 17 cities in the Mid-Willamette Valley Region of Oregon.

Services Offered

We are experts in the following areas:

• Surgical Pathology
• Cytopathology
• Hematopathology
• Immunohistochemistry
• Flow Cytometry
• Fine Needle Aspiration
• Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy

We offer specialized testing and referral to outside labs if needed.

Pap test processing can include 4 tests out of the Sure Path or Thin Prep vials: Pap, HPV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

We also offer conventional slide processing and interpretation.

Joint Commission/CAP Notice:

To report any concerns about patient safety or quality of services provided please contact:

The Joint Commission
or 630-792-3007

College of American Pathologists

There will be no disciplinary or punitive action taken because of employee or other individual who provides laboratory services reports safety or quality-of-care concerns to The Joint Commission or CAP.

Contact Us

Our physicians can be reached 24 hours a day by calling (503) 561-5350.

Pathology Consultation
Phone (503) 561-5350, Fax (503) 561-4781

To obtain a copy of the report
Phone (503) 561-5350, Fax (503) 561-4781

Courier services and supplies
Phone (503) 561-5390, option 2

Mailing address
875 Oak St. SE, Suite 1040, Salem, OR 97301

Physical address
Pathology Dept., 665 Winter St. SE, Salem, OR 97301